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Superstars Cafe

The Cafe at Superstars is open three days per week (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) and provides training opportunities for twenty adults with learning difficulties. These are supported by trained staff and numerous volunteers.


The cafe serves a full range of home baked produce, hot lunches, freshly ground coffee, drinks and snacks etc. All food is freshly prepared on the premises. Trainees with learning difficulties are actively involved in planning, food preparation, table service and clean up.

Our home bakery produce has become a great attraction to many local people and visitors to Cookstown at our stall on a Saturday morning. Varieties available to purchase include banana bread, soda farls, scones (plain, fruit, raspberry and white chocolate), plain, wheaten and fruit loaves, cupcakes, tray bakes, etc.


Cakes for special occasions are available to order.

Open Thurs - Sat
9am - 4pm


Sweetie Cones now available to order birthday parties & special events

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